Computer operationally only when RAM is in A2 and B2 DIMM slots.


Nov 11, 2014
Hello there fellow hardware nerds!

My ram has 4 dimm slots, it's dual channel and it's colour coded.
It recommended for maximum stability particularly when overclocking
and having two memory modules to use A1 and B1.
I have evaluated various configurations of using the RAM and the DIMMS.

* If I do this the computer will hang when shutting down
Everything works fine but it won't successfully shut down the OS.
It thinks it does but it doesn't turn power off thus I have the shutdown image
with the circle that spins stopped. Thus I get no warnings when I reboot
after I have held down the power button to shut down.

Conclusion: so it WORKS but it's not exactly the best way to run a computer system.

* If I keep the same slots but swap the memory modules
around the OS can't write the first 60kb's to the RAM.

*If I use slots A1 and A2 it runs in single channel memory mode
and hangs when your profile loads.

Now for the stupid thing:
I just slotted the ram into A2 and B2
It's starting up fine, it's shutting down fine.... it seems stable.
I've only just figured this out. I'm going against the recommendation
from the manufacturer and my it seems to be running 100% fine.
For 2 years this has been a problem with my memory modules that I
could have fixed if I had known that hardware manufacturers make
recommendations that do not work in certain instances.

Now my question is, has anyone else heard of or had issues with RAM that is like this at all in anyway shape or form? Is this something that is noticed by other hardware technicians or do I have an anomaly? This is both a request for discussion and a request if possible for a solution to answering why I might have such a strange configuration problem.

Kind regards,

Yep dealing with a similar issue in a friends Asus Maximus VI. A1 and B1 wont boot the system at all with a q code 55. Swap it to A2/B2 and it works just fine. We're waiting on Asus to get off their asses and RMA his board.


Nov 11, 2014

I will look into this on Friday. I will need to buy come compressed air.
Also will be a good chance to clean the CPU and replace the thermal paste
as it hasn't been checked in 1.5 years and I've noticed that the temperature
from the CPU is sitting a few degrees higher than it used too.

I'll get back to you, thanks for the advice. I don't think this
is the problem, but it's worth checking. (and replacing my thermal
paste with fresh paste.) *fingers crossed*