Question Computer programs not responding ect.


Jul 8, 2017
I didn't really know where to put this but my computers been acting strange recently and random stuff all started happening at the same time.

This all happens on a routine every time I boot:
My computer has been taking a lot longer to boot up which isn't too bad however. On my first boot the wifi connection that I get from my LAN cable has been terrible (400ping) however when i restart once it fixes up to a really good connection (20ping). This has been happening every single time i boot up. After this my computer is fine for 20 minutes but then when I either leave for a while to do something or start a discord call my computer freezes up instantly. Discord is unresponsive as well as almost all my other programs and the task bar doesn't work. I can't use any windowed programs but games still run absolutely fine if I alt-tab to them. when I try to close these programs nothing happens and I don't get error boxes, they just freeze until I restart. Also at the same time YouTube videos don't load and just buffer forever when this happens, although they will be working fine prior to me calling someone on discord.

This is all happens in the exact same order every time and i'm not exactly sure what to do. If you need to ask any questions then i'd be happy to give them/provide you with anything that may help in solving

Thanks in advance for anyone helping


Feb 27, 2014
Does the behaviour you're describing also happen in safe mode/diagnostic/clean boot? Have you installed any new hardware or software recently? If so what is it? Can you list your specs (motherboard, peripherals and system you're using)? If unsure search for dxdiag.exe an, run it and take a screenshot.