Computer randomly reboots during games. What could be the cause?


Feb 19, 2015
I have a fairly high-end PC that i have had for about 1.5 years now, practically every part was bought brand new around the release date of the 1080ti so my hardware isn't super outdated or anything. I would say after about a year of owning the pc was when I first experienced my random shutdown. I can't remember what game it was that i as playing but it just turned off and then back on shortly like a reset button from the case. it happened again around 6 months later and I thought it was cause of power shortage so I got a UPS. I never experienced it again up until about 2 months ago. I got fallout 4 and the game would cause my PC to restart about every 15 mins and even sometimes just from starting the game. I learned it was because my settings were too high in fallout so i turned them down a fair amount and i never experience the restart again. I started play Elder Scrolls Online with a friend and the restarts are happening again. I again turned the settings down a fair amount but they are still happening, not as much but still so. In Fallout 4 it would happen anywhere anytime, in ESO it seems to happen around hectic heavy fighting times but it also happens in lame simple times too.

Would anyone have an idea on what the issue might be? It is most definitely not a heating issue, my temps are exemplary, nor is it my ram or storage. I have also ran GPU and CPU stress test for a while and my pc never restarted. so PSU or MOBO?

I also recently did a full restore and installed a new version of windows on a new SSD so even my boot drive is different.