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Question Computer smells burning plastic, which component is most likely to be failed ?

Apr 15, 2020
I can't decide which component causing this smell. I also assembled it without case but still couldn't detect the component.

The computer works perfectly even with overclock, the gpu-cpu temparatures are below 70°C
but there's a noticeable awful smell in my room which goes away after turning the PC off.

Which component is most likely to be failed PSU or Motherboard or maybe even GPU ?
Also there's no burn marks in PSU circuit.

But if the damage was on the motherboard or gpu, would the PC still work fine ?
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Apr 15, 2020
No signs of a blown capacitor in the PSU?
No signs, especially the electrolytic ones seems to be in good condition. No bulge, No sign of explosion.

So you ran the psu 2 years over warranty... it's 3 years from what I've managed to find.

Did you use any molex connectors for anything?
Yes that's true.

I assume you mean those peripheral 4 pin connectors
Yes I've used 2 of them for 2 chasis fans + temparature display on the case.

Other than that as usual:
-24 pin and 8 pin connector to motherboard
-2 PCI-E connector to the graphics card
- 3 HDD connectors (L shaped) for 2 HDDs + water cooler

that's all

But if the motherboard was the problem would the PC still turn on ?


Molex connector/adapter reliability is iffy, and people sometimes use the things to power gpus...

But if the motherboard was the problem would the PC still turn on ?
I've only got one experience with a dead mobo - a DOA one. A Gigabyte Z390 Elite/Master - I forget which exactly.
Nothing worked; the LEDs flashed on for a second, and the back off... nothing. Same deal when I did the barebones setup to troubleshoot.
Replaced it, everything works now.
If the 'messenger' is dead, then none of the parts connected to it can get power.