Computer starting slow after adding in an nvidia GT 210.


Jan 8, 2013
Hey guys

I got a GT 210 video card that I am using with my old computer. The problem is that after I've put in that card, the computer starts really slow as on the start screen (the one were it detects memory and shows CPU and storage info) instead of just showing the whole screen for like 2-3 sec, and the proceeding to the boot up screen, it actually stays at the start up screen for like 5 minutes cause all the text that is on that screen is revealed letter by letter by letter. (the screen is black at the beginning and then it is like if someone is typing the letters one by one). When all the letters are shown, the computer proceeds to boot up.

OS : Win XP

Any ideas how can I fix this?

Thanks a lot for any responses in advance.
power off the pc and unplug it from the wall. (let the mb drain). open the case and check that the video card in the pci slot near the cpu and is locked in. also make sure all the video plugs on the back of the video card are connected. boot into the bios make sure the onboard video is turned off and you set the first video device as the gpu. also check under irq in the bios there set to auto. (may be there not set right and the video card is locking up trying to find a free irq. if the system still locks up..try turning off com ports one and two and the printer port to free up irq and see if the mb will post fine. if it still hangs..check to see if there any updates for the mb bios and check the wattage of your power supply and it amp rating on the 12v line. low power or amps will cause the video card to glitch. the last thing to check is the mb chipset. some older amd chipset and nvidia cards did not work well together. (if the onboard gpu is ati card then your going to have to use a ati gpu).