Question Computer will not start without a specific graphics card

Feb 4, 2021
Hi, I would just like to say that this problem seems to be more difficult than it might initially seems and I suspect maybe there might be two problems. So I'll start off with a more in-depth description of the problem.

The broken system: FX 6300, r9 270x
The new build: i5 9400f, gtx 1660ti
Spare graphics card: Assumed r7 240 pulled out of old dell pc

NOTE: New build parts know good. FX 6300 and i5 9400f have no integrated graphics.

So about a year or two ago I gave my old pc to my brother when I bought a new one. This pc worked fine until one day there was no display output. I swapped the spare graphics in, no pcie power needed graphics card, and it worked fine. I tested the r9 270x in my new build and it seemed to work fine booted to windows and appeared in device manager. So I assumed l, as you all probably would, that this was a psu problem however I rigged up my new build psu to the broken computer with the r9 270x and still no output. I put the 1660ti in and still no input. So now i just have no idea what to think and was hoping for some suggestions. Thanks.


May 25, 2005
Turn the broken computer off, turn the power supply off at the rear of the computer, leave the PSU cable to the wall connected so you have a ground. Ground yourself to the case to discharge ESD. Remove and install the video card into the slot at least 3 to 5 times, this will remove oxidation or metal migration. If that does not solve the problem I suspect the PCIe slot is bad.

There are chemicals that clean garbage caused by time off of computer parts, and sometimes a good cleaning is all components need to bring them back to life. you should be able to find YouTube articles on how to do this if you are interested.