Question Computer won't boot after Hdd -> SSD clone, even on the old Hdd


Oct 20, 2015
TLDR: I have an old Acer desktop, which I just upgraded with a new gpu and an SSD. It posts, however windows is not booting correctly on either the old or new drives after cloning the old hdd to the new ssd

System: i5 650, 4*2gb ram, gtx 1050ti (upgraded from gt 340), new drive: 1tb crucial mx500, old: 450gb western digital hdd. psu: LITEON 450w 80+ bronze.
software: windows 10, bios (too old for UEFI)
Most of the system is ~9 years old, including the PSU.
There are three separate ways to boot the system, all giving different results:
-->booting from the ssd gives a windows error 0xc000000e, stating that I need to use recovery tools.
-->booting from the hdd fails (getting to windows), runs diagnostics then restarts, and can successfully boot in safe mode
-->using a usb drive with windows recovery on, the system gets stuck in a restart loop before reaching bios.
The restart loop also occurs if the same usb has a live OS install on it instead, and occurs no matter which system drives are plugged in. The live usb works as it should on my laptop.

The system was working fine before I installed the ssd (after I installed the new GPU) , and now the ssd is installed, I get the situations above.
The same errors occur when I tried these steps:
-unplug the sata cable to the ssd, so the computer is in the same state as before
-reseat gpu
-reseat ram
-run on 1 ram stick (multiple tried)
- bios setting changes: sata into raid mode, sata into ahci mode, disable quick boot, reset bios

I am stuck on why having a usb stick in means it won't even get to bios, and why the old drive doesn't boot anymore (when I completely disconnect the new ssd and reset the bios). It was working perfectly fine before the upgrades.


Aug 16, 2020
Did it partition the Windows 10 Bootloader as well??? Because that's what Win10 and the motherboard looks for during boot.

Afraid to say it but, you might have to do an OS reinstall. Plus, Win10 ownership is tracked through motherboard serial no. so you're going to end up buying another license.



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