[SOLVED] Computer won't detect sshd

Nov 13, 2018
SSHD problem, my PC won't recognise sshd when plugged in, When I first got it I formatted it and everything I even put a few games on it however the sshd randomly started disconnecting so I tried a different port in the motherboard the same thing kept happening again. So I forgot about it and gave up on the sshd however one day I try to turn on my PC and I get a blackscreen and windows not booting up so I unplug the SSHD and windows boots up perfectly fine. I tried to do a fresh install of windows onto the sshd however my PC doesn't recognise there is a sshd plugged in at all anymore, right now the sshd is in my pc case not plugged in, I'm wondering if there is any fix to this as I would really like to use the sshd. I bought the sshd from Scan It's a seagate firecuda 1TB sshd. I am Currently running windows 10 on a 500GB HDD that i've had for over 7 years which is why I need a new drive as this one is getting old.