[SOLVED] Confirming that my PSU is dead

Jan 11, 2022
I'm 95% sure my PSU has died, but before I shell out for a new one I'd like a second opinion.
  • 600W Korean OEM ATX PSU (cabled, not modular, about 7 years old)
  • MSI Z490 Unify MOBO (about 3 years old)
  • System is a full tower with water cooling and plenty of ventilation
  • PC just quit without warning.
  • No smells.
  • Nothing working, not even PSU fan.
  • Thought I might have overheated the CPU, but after 24 hours system still won't start. (No diagnostic beeps, no LED lights.)
Diagnostics thus far:
  • I've tried the "paperclip" method - PSU fan does not spin.
  • Replaced PSU fan with new one, still does not spin.
  • Bought a cheap multi-meter. PIN voltages are mostly zero. Exceptions:
Pin 9 (5VSB) = +5.5C​
Pin 16 (PS-ON#) = 4V​

Can anyone think of anything else to test or try before buying a new PSU?
Many thanks in advance.