Question connect chromebook to OpenVPN AS

Jul 14, 2020
I've setup an OpenVPN Access Server which I tested to be working successfully. I can VPN in from home without any issues. I have a couple of HP chromebooks which aren't compatible with the Android play store so I can't download the OpenVPN app or RDP apps. I found an alternative in the webstore for RDP, and am trying to use the built in OpenVPN client but cant get it working. Anyone here been successful at setting this up that might be able to help me or give me some pointers?
My config is:
Provider Type: Open VPN
Server hostname: myFQDN
Username: username
Pass: password
For Server and User certificates, I've tried both "Do not check" and actually importing the certs.
So far it just errors out
Chromebooks are great devices in "standard" environment. For what I know, current ChromeOS has support for VPNs, but you're limited to what is there, and nothing else. You have two options:
  • if these chromebooks are connecting to same WiFi networks, you can get a router specifically for them, install VPN client software on that secondary router, and connect these 'books there;
  • you can forego ChromeOS completely, and install off-the-shelf Linux distro. Details depend on particular hardware, and may involve "hacking" hardware.