Question Connect to multiple wifi action cameras?

Feb 19, 2020
I am using action cameras to record events and my goal is to have a live-action monitoring of them all. All of them have WiFi feature, but since they all work as WiFi gateways (I always asked myself why they act like routers and not like clients, but whatever), they all stream a different wifi signal.
My goal is to simultaneously connect to all of the wifi signals in order to be able to use a NVR software (at the moment using iSpy, because it can sniff and fetch the streaming url) to monitor the live stream of each camera.
Think of it as a surveillance setup with action cameras instead of IPCams, with the main issue that IPCams can be either clients or gateways, while action cams seem to cannot.
I use 3 Action cams and added 2 USB-WiFi antennas to my laptop, in order to have 3 independent WiFis
Speedify claimed to be my solution, because of its channel bonding technology, which I wouldn't be using for speed (which, btw, seems to not work at all) but just to be able to reach different IPs of different networks at the same time.
I want to know if anyone had my same problem or suggentions about any software that would allow me to bring together different networks in order to fetch audio/video streams.
Very messy it appears. I suspect you are running them all in the same ip subnet. Even if you were to set them to different IP addresses I am not sure windows would let you have multiple nic cards on the same subnet.

They likely will work if you set them to say 192.168.1.x 192.168.2.x etc. Windows then thinks these are completely different networks. The cameras would also need different SSID so your nics would know what they are connecting to.

Windows is very strange in what it will support and not support. What you should in theory at least be able to do is bridge everything together. The software setting in windows do not seem to work they way I would think they should.

Let say you use a client-bridge device (many repeater/extenders have this function or you could use something like a ubiquiti outdoor bridge). On the cameras I will assume you can first have unique SSID and you can do something like set the cameras to In this case they are all on the same subnet.

You would then plug the ethernet ports of the bridges into a switch or each other if there are enough ports. You could then connect you pc via ethernet or another wifi bridge type connection.