Question Connecting a Laptop and PC to Three Monitors

May 26, 2022
So, here's my situation:

I have a three monitor setup on my PC at home with extended display. I've used this for gaming, business, etc. Has worked great for years. I just got a new job and am working remote from home. They sent me a laptop and a crappy monitor, but it's painful for doing development work. I want to use this laptop on my current three monitors with extended display, while also keeping my PC connected with the ability to switch between displays. (I MUST use the laptop for my work, due to VPN and network capability).

I thought a KVM would work, but from what I understand, the laptop will need 3 display outputs to the KVM in order to run the KVM output to three monitors. The laptop, however, only has one display output.

Any thoughts on how I can successfully accomplish what I need? Can I run the laptop to a dock, run three outputs from the dock into the KVM and then output the KVM to the monitors?

Not sure what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!