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Question Connecting Devices to WiFi Extender Wirelessly vs. Ethernet

Jun 24, 2020
Assuming the WiFi Extender is wirelessly connected to my router, would there be any advantages connecting my PC to a WiFi Extender via ethernet rather than wireless? Or would it offer the same connection speed/reliability, since it’s already wireless?
It to a point depends on where the extender is located. If it is near your computer your best option would be to use the wifi card to connect directly to the main router. You would not have the overhead of the repeater in the path.

If the direct wifi does not work well it should help to use ethernet connected to the repeater. You have eliminated 1 extra wifi signal that can get corrupted. You have in effect made a wifi adapter you connect via ethernet than say USB. If nothing is actually going to use the repeater function it will help your performance to disable the repeater function and use the device as a simple client-bridge. When it runs as a repeater it will transmit out data that interferes with the signal from the main router. This is partially why just having a repeater in the path cuts your speed by 1/2
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