Question cons of having 244hz when playing only with 144fps?


Dec 3, 2020
Hi, so im planning to get a Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G75T, VA with 244HZ. There is no version of this with 144Hz and G5 are bad i saw. Now i will probably play many demand games where i can get only around 140fps, and even if more i would just increase graphic settings coz i feel like more than 144fps isn't really noticable for me.

BUT is there any disadvantage or advantage of playing only 144fps on 244hz monitor? like more/less input lag or more/less blur?
And if there are cons, it is worth then to just set 144hz refresh rate?

Also another question, not so much related to the topic, but why on my current monitor(aoc c24g1) when i set refresh rate below 144hz like 120/100, the screen gets blurry? Its like not sharp, and with gsync off it goes back to normal. Can someone explain to me why does it happen? Like if i set lower refresh rate than 144 with gsync on, screen gets blurry, like my resolution had changed a bit. (disabling gsync, screen is normal).

There's no advantage or disadvantage if you can only get 144FPS or abouts on a 240Hz refresh rate, as long as FreeSync is enabled. Otherwise you could have screen tearing. Otherwise lower frame rates in general causes more input lag (because until the frame is presented, you can't see what happened) and typically more motion blur due to displays using the sample and hold style of presentation.

I can't explain what's going on with your AOC monitor though, outside of not actually being able to handle the signal properly despite it claiming it's supported.
Yeah but input lag would be the same if i play like 140fps on 144hz and 140fps on 240hz no?

And to add im using DP with my AOC.
Yes they would have the same the same input lag, because the soonest you can see a response is 1/140th of a second, or whatever the frame time is, plus whatever image processing and response time of the pixels are which aren't affected by refresh rate