Question Constant 80-100% ram and Gpu Usage + suttering


Dec 19, 2014
Hi All

Recently i have been noticing super high ram and GPU usage on my pc for no apparent reason, heres a little breakdown & pc specs if needed.

i5 8600k
8gb ram

At windows desktop at idle/nothing open, with 99% of start up programs closed i will experience ram usage of up to 80% or higher, task manager shows less than half that being used in terms of tasks if not even 20%

When trying to run anything, it will hover from 85-98% with 1-2 chrome tabs and a game such as league (low intest) or destiny 2. Even with no applications bar the game, this still happens to sit around 90%+.

Futhermore, it seems that due to this, my pc seems to be stuttering really hard at tasks it normally breezes over. Even 5 seconds i will experience minor freezes in a game/full screen applications, which will also have weird side effects such as causing my mic to stop transmitting inside applications such as discord. this freeze is sometimes followed by the classic freezing noise where it replays the same sound byte over and over for a few secs.

I have run CCleaner multiple times, culled my startup programs, uninstalled a ton of programs, but this issue remains.

Bar nuking my drives and reinstalling windows and everything from a fresh install I have no clue on how to proceed.

Anything you can offer would be appreciated, because I am mad confused at what it could be lol.


Win 10 Master
It could be a driver leak (memory leak)
What motherboard do you have?

PC only has so much memory it can provide. What happens is buggy drivers can ask for ram and not give it back, and keep asking for more and more until PC runs out of memory completely.

Download Process explorer and run it as admin (it comes from Microsoft so its safe)

the default view is tree structure meaning like your task manager screen, it will show what processes are under each service, but unlike task manager, it shows the ram usage of each part so you can see what is eating your ram

Private bytes = actual ram usage
Working set = Ram + page file usage

This page shows what all the colours and headings mean, link at bottom of it shows how to use it to find problems. You can right click headers and run an av scan from within the program.

You might want to look into poolmon, it can be useful for finding the drivers using the most ram.