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Question Constant Disconnects from SOME servers while gaming but not others, help?


May 20, 2019
Hey guys so here is what I've got going on:

2 days ago I upgraded my equipment and internet (went from 100 mbps to 400 mbps). Since that time when playing certain games (World of Warships and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam) I have been having constant disconnects. My game drops every match in both of them telling me I have been disconnected. However, I can play other games such as GTA V online, Warhammer II: Vermintide (online), etc. that never have that issue. I also stream on Twitch and have never had any issues with dropped frames even when attempting to play the games that drop my connection. Side note, in another game I play my ping has increased by an avg of 75 ms but there have been server changes for them so that could be on their end.

I have updated network adapter drivers, checked windows updates, restarted both router (Netgear router) and my modem (Arris modem), checked that my equipment can handle the speeds I'm getting, set a static IP to try to prevent IP issues, and nothing has helped.

Any ideas what to look at or do next?