Question Constant Stuttering on all games after RAM upgrade.

Sep 17, 2019

My new ram is clocking in at 0th percentile for some reason.

I have had this PC for about 3 months and started seeing issues a few weeks ago. I kept getting BSOD while playing league and minecraft, giving me Memory_management errors, and other BSOD's. We sent in the PC to Best Buy, where they decided the problem was the RAM, and they installed 2 new RAM sticks into the PC, with the results of this shown above. However, since i got the PC back today, it has had a bunch of problems. The CPU is almost always maxed out at 100%. . Even while playing league of legends, when i used to get a smooth 200 fps experience with no stuttering or drops, it now constantly drops FPS, probably every second, but for brief amounts of time, which causes the game to feel Jagged and unplayable. Another thing to note, I checked my drivers and updated them, but for some reason my PC has been stuck on loop when trying to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1903.

Does anybody know what the possible issues could be?

Here is the PC: