Question Controller questions in Windows?

Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021

I have a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows and I have noticed that it usually does not appear in the 'safely remove' icon in the Windows Quick Launch area at the bottom right of the screen.

This is annoying as I have to go to Settings/Devices etc every time I want to unplug it - is there a quicker way to do this; and if not - can I create some kind of keyboard shortcut or shortcut on the desktop etc?

Also, I always plug in the controller when I want to use it, and unplug it when I'm done as I'm worried it'll keep using power indefinitely and also wear it out faster (can see the permanently lit LED).
Is there a quick and easy way to leave it plugged in but semi-permanently disabled until I want to enable it again to use it next time etc? Eg so it doesn't stay 'on' and wasting power endlessly?

And if yes - how would i disable/enable it. Would be really nice not to physically have to plug/unplug it all the time!

Another thing - I know there are many newer/different controllers for Windows which have paddles underneath; and other extra buttons etc...

How widely are these supported in most PC Games (new and old?); and just how useful are they?
Are they really worth buying a new controller for or are the extra buttons kind of useless?

My controller is pretty much brand new - so was wondering is there much advantage in getting a much newer XBOX Controller - or not much point?

I'm pretty new to XBOX Controllers as I haven't really consoles much since my SNES.... so any pro tips on using them with PC and what to get etc would be cool.

To give you an idea of what kind of games I like to play - I like all sorts really 3D and 2D - new and old.
Here are some examples - Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Tomb Raider series, FPS online/off, Portal 2, driving games, old school platformers etc etc..

Thank you for your time
The reason it doesn't appear in "Safely remove" list is because it's not a device that needs it. Some devices should be shut down gracefully before it can be removed, such as storage drives where selecting one makes sure the cache is flushed from storage the whatever pending writes there were are actually completed.

So basically, just unplug it whenever you're done. There's nothing harmful about suddenly disconnecting it from the system. It's no different than if you unplugged your keyboard or mouse.

As far as newer controllers:
  • Modern games that have controller support will likely support controllers with any number of buttons, joysticks, whatever. The OS doesn't actually specifically label any buttons the same on the controller itself. It just sees "Button 1", "Button 2", "Joystick 1", etc. Some games do know when you've plugged in a specific controller, but that's more for UI purposes.
  • Whether or not using the extra buttons is worthwhile is up to you. I know people who play MMOs with those mice with 12 thumb buttons so they can map each button to a hotbar key. I don't do that, because those mice are niche and if it breaks, I worry it'll be hard to replace it, so I play MMOs in another way.
  • Newer Xbox controllers may have features that can be taken advantage of. For instance the Xbox One controller has force feedback in the triggers, which some games (like Forza) do use.


Apr 4, 2019
Just an information

i have read your story, and I feel like you decided to buy a corded controller due to the assumption that it would last longer or something.

Actually, i have the cordless controller, and it's powered by 2 AA standard batteries. So I just bought a kit of 4 good rechargeables on amazon (EBL) and never looked back. I always have on set fully charged. It's been years

Then I got into VR and bought more batteries

then i had kids and bought even more batteries, and a storage case lol

PS : AA and AAA are really the only models needed, adapters exists for D and C

Deleted member 14196

Yeah. Just get a new wireless Xbox controller. Much nicer. Or keep wired ond and when you’re done, just pull it out as mentioned above it won’t hurt anything.