Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid Maker 92 Offers Closed Loop Cooling With Heatsink Footprint

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One stat that is missing is weight. AIO's and open loop cooler's weight is not supported around the CPU socket giving it a major advantage. Toms here should try to get there hands on one of these and test it's cooling effectiveness and how much it can actually cool the board.


Feb 28, 2009
is a 92mm radiator really going to be efficient enough at cooling compared to an air cooler of similar size? what makes watercooling so useful is that you can take the heat away from it's source and then spread the heat dissipation out across a large cooler. while i'm sure 92mm is enough to keep a chip cool, it won't do nearly as well as a 120 or bigger. I wouldn't be surprised if a similarly sized air cooler is more efficient.


Dec 10, 2014
I thought the main advantage of liquid cooling was efficient heat transport to a location where a larger radiation area could be leveraged to increase performance and/or decrease the sound profile of the cooling solution?

Squeezing this into the same form-factor as a regular "heat-pipe with fan" solution seems to be a strange choice? I guess it allows people to make the claim that they have 'liquid cooling' so the 'cool factor' might sell it? I suppose there might still be some small benefit to this over a standard solution, but I feel this solution leaves MOST of the benefits of liquid cooling on the table.


This seems really stupid. Almost as big as there EVO 212 but with a smaller heatsink and fan. About half the airflow rate as well. Even in its horizontal mode its still taller than low profile air coolers that support bigger fans, more airflow and lower noise. This really seems like it was designed by a marketing department so they could slap the words "liquid cooled" on the side of the box.

The only thing that is good about it, is the ability to swivel from standing to low profile. But since people don't change cases that often its seems more likely this cooler will break down long before the owner decides to switch from an ATX case to a ITX one.


Oct 22, 2013
I dont claim to be an expert on anything, but i do have a degree in chemistry and can tell you that the "heat" transfer and dissipation of tradiotional air cooling at the same size will 100% be far greater. FAR GREATER. In fact, you can demonstrate that a Cooler master Hyper 212 Evo can dissipate more heat than a 120mm rad closed loop cooler.

However, you guys have mentioned being able to transport heat and dissipate it over a larger surface area. You are correct, that is one of the major benefits.

The other benefit that is often over looked is the difference in delta T between passive and active heat transfer. For instance, a standard Intel i5 CPU uses ~80W under standard operation, and has a max TDP or 91W. Both this advertised cooler, and a similar air cooled design are more than capable of handling this HEAT. however, because you are limited to the rate of heat dissipation of the materials between the base and the heat sink, an air cooler will have a greater temperature. Heat and temperature are not interchangeable terms, they mean very different things depending on the system in place. Water compared to copper is a terrible conductor of heat, but because you are actively pumping the waste heat away, the Delta T will decrease.

What will happen is you will hook this up, open Speccy and see a lower T, and think "wow this worked". But if you were to start pushing higher voltages and clocks, you will be limited in total heat dissipation. even theoretical calculations will tell you that a cooler this size filled with water will have a lower total thermal dissipation than a similar sized air cooler.

Thats just the science though...


Cooler Master Master Liquid Maker. Genius name there. /s

Water cooling still is air cooling, since it is the air that cools down the water via contact with the fins on the radiator. I personally don't see this thing cooling down its water supply too well. has done a review on this thing. As we all imagined the cooling efficiency is low. Have a read of the article for yourself.
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