Question Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 not maintaining contact with CPU


Nov 22, 2008
I had an old Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 that served me well for many years. Just last week I upgraded my system to an AM4 motherboard(5800 X3D + RX 6700 XT). I bought the RR-AM4B-H212-S1 which is the adapter for Evo 212 and AM4 motherboards. When I installed the standoffs as instructed the backplate still moved about 3 mm. After the build, my CPU was running at 88C and the fans were at max strength howling. I laid down the computer on it's side such that the Evo 212 was facing downwards and hence gravity was causing it to have better contact with the CPU and temperatures immediately went down to 40C and fans were running at half speed. I have tightened the screws completely into the standoffs but the cooler still does move and I am sure that it looses contact with the CPU. The reason being even though the cooler is completely screwed into the standoffs the whole contraption moves. Tightening the middle screw seems to be doing nothing. The problem is accurately described here. Any way to fix this?


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The video is 5 years old, or so that's what YT says. Personally, I'd scrub the cooler entirely and then sell if off with an older platform that has a proper contact. In fact to give some peace of mind, I'd ask you inspect if there's a gap between the IHS and the cooler's plate, if there are none(inspect without applying thermal paste) then you're fine. What you're describing with 3mm leeway is side to side motion, that doesn't mean there's a 3mm gap between the IHS and the cooler's contact plate.

Reading through these;
seems to show that there's a discrepancy with the QC department as some are reporting this with the cooler's bracket while others are misses.


there will always be a gap between the motherboard and the backplate's standoffs since there's a height difference(vertical offset) of the pegs that come from the backplate through the PCB holes.