Question Cooling

Jul 14, 2019
Hi all

I just wanted to find out if you can mount a fan to the backplate of a Gpu or will it melt?i don’t want to water cool it or put an Aio I have the 2060 super.

I have 5 case fans,280mm Aio in front,2 120mm ontop and 1 read. The 280mm is set to push and the rest are pull.

I’m getting really high temperatures and they don’t seem to come down. It was vertically mounted and changed it but no difference.

Temperatures are around 87-89 with full fan speed playing games on 1440,low,medium,high and ultra nothing changes. I’ve tried software updates and reinstalling everything and there’s no issues there. I’ve created msi afterburner fan profiles and it doesn’t help. I haven’t over clocked my Gpu either. I thought it was my case but tried it in another case still the same. I tried under volting but no difference

If I can mount a fan to the back plate I have a node pro and my extra fans are 4 pin aswell will any 4 pin fan fit into a 4pin socket

Any help would be great