News Core i5-10600 Pops Up In 3DMark: Small Clock Bump and Hyper-Threading

All things considered, though, these aren’t tremendous jumps from the last-gen product.
Sure they are. SMT should make these a lot more competitive with Ryzen compared to the current i5's that lack it. With the next-generation consoles apparently having 8-core, 16-thread Zen 2 processors with a substantial increase in clock rates and IPC compared to existing consoles, a six-core processor without SMT like the current i5s might end up struggling to maintain stable performance in many of the AAA titles getting released in the coming years. Already, they're showing framerate instability in some heavily-threaded titles, so I wouldn't consider anything less than a 6-core, 12-thread or 8-core processor for an upper-mid-range gaming build at this point, considering Ryzen is already offering that for under $200.

At least if the 4.7GHz single-core boost clock turns out to be accurate, then this is pretty much an i7-8700 at an i5-price point, or probably close to a $100 price drop over what that processor has been selling for. Performance should be pretty close to the i7-9700 as well, and I suspect the unlocked K parts will also perform similar to their i7 counterparts, much like what we saw with Coffee Lake compared to Kaby Lake. So yeah, making a similar product available for around $100 less seems like a pretty substantial jump, even if Ryzen is pretty much already there with the 3600. The new i5s will likely manage to be slightly faster in games, but they'll also undoubtedly be more power hungry and in turn put out more heat, and if they don't update their stock coolers, we might see throttling issues again.


Nov 23, 2019
My concern would be the security risk that HT has imposed on previous intel chips, with decent mitigations I'm sure it will be fine, but previously the solution for security fixes was to disable hyperthreading. Glad to see the 10 series i5 is as capable as 8 series i7 boost for consumers for sure.