Question Core temp difference 8700K

Feb 10, 2023
I have a strange overheating problem on my 8700K MB asus rog z370

problem is extreme (50degree uder load) temp difference between cores.

I buy this CPU new and it run OK it was delided and run with AIO. in past i try to owerclocked it and run stable and nicely on 5.1Ghz witouth thermal issue. but because i didnt need extra power i run it on stock past few years. So i presume it is not defected core itself.

but once during cleaning/rebuilding i forgot to plug AIO pump and run it for few minutes until CPU overheat and crash with mobo overheat error. and until than i see this extreme temp differences, on core 2 and slight increase of temp on core 4. Under load are temperatures from 100-55

so now in idle with power saving setting temps are

Under load.

C2:100 thermal throttling

question is:
is possible that thermal compound under CPU lid was somehow compromised? or lid move/bend, Make sense to try to delided it again?
This also looks like the problem just because under load temp on core 2 jumps to 100 instantly, other cores heats up after few seconds.

or coud overheating cause cpu core demadge? i know that in theory it coud happend but cpu is protected and it doesnt run totaly witouth cooling during that "incident", its just slowly heat up heat exchanger on AIO.



Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You mentioned the temps for the cores, the processor you're on and the chipset to the motherboard you've paired the processor to/with. you forgot to mention the make and model of your case, the orientation of the fans in your case, the AIO used in your build and it's subsequent orientation in your build, and lastly the ambient room air temps. You should also include the board you're working with since Asus have a number of Z370 chipset motherboards in their portfolio. Would also give context to your predicament if you could include the BIOS version for your motherboard at this moment of time.

Which app did you use to take those temps for your CPU?
Feb 10, 2023
case is NZXT H340 elite
Motherboard is Asus ROG Strix Z370-F
AIO: SilentiumPC Navis Pro 240
fan orientation is two 120mm intake fans on front mounted 240mm AIO watercooling in push configuration, with pipes rout to bottom of the radiator + one top outtake 140mm fan

Ambient room temperature 22
Bios version is last 3004

for temperature measurment i use CoreTemp version 1.17.1, to produce constant results under syntetic full load i use last verion of CPU-Z and its CPU multythread stress CPU function.

Thank you
Feb 10, 2023
Hello again,

So CPU has new liquid metal under IHS and everitihing look like new, temperatures are stable and in +- 5 degrees between cores. at 5.0ghz stable under 80. So thanks for advices.

But just for note, guy who make a delid told me that thermal compound was strange, almost "dried" and gunky and it looks like whole cpu was bend just a little bit. After a little bit of reading on internet. it looks like it is possible and likely that liquid metal can change state, but until contact surfaces doesn't move against each other, it function witouth problem. but in my case it looks like due to overheat something move and lost contact and because of dries compound it was not able to reconect.

I didnt know about that. so maybe that info help someone.