Cores vs clock speed gaming


Dec 4, 2016
I was wondering if I should upgrade. The cpu I have currently is the fx-8370, but I am upgrading to dual xeon e5-2680 v2s. My motherboard, like most dual 2011 motherboards, is not overclockable, but I saw a video from tech yes city who made a workstation with dual e5-2670 v1s, and I think that with current cpu prices, and having only 2 less cores than a 2699 v4, this is a steal. But before I upgrade, I was wondering if 2.8 thx is a good speed to game. My current cpu is 4thx, but it is an old amd cpu, and only has 8 threads. The games I like to play are csgo, playerunknown's battlegrounds, planet coaster, and tons of unturned. Thanks!
1st it's GHz for GigaHertz not thx
2nd That cpu will boost to 3.6 GHz as needed which is plenty.

Question of curiosity...
Why are you going so big?

10 cores on each of the dual physical CPU's is overkill for most games.

The 7700K is a lot cheaper and will play any game. Plus additional cores and threads only help for games designed to use those extra cores and threads. While dual core is minimum and quad core is standard I only know that Destiny 2 will use all 10 cores but NOT on both CPU's. I don't know of a single game that would use all 10 cores on both of your CPU's so I hope your planning for more than just gaming.

Battlefield 4 flat lines after anything beyond dual core
Crysis 3 will run best with quad core (or more)
Doom flat lines after anything beyond dual core
GTA 5 will run best with quad core (or more)
You are really comparing apples to oranges. The Xeons will be able to game, but you may not see much improvement over your 8370. They wont perform as well as the AMD Ryzen or Intel Kaby Lake chips in gaming. Games like very fast single threaded performance, where the Xeon was not built for single threaded performance as it is a workstation CPU. Workstation applications need fast multithreaded performance, but most games do not scale well to the number of available cores.

Unless you need a workstation and want to be able to game, then I would not recommend getting a dual Xeon system strictly for gaming.

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