Question CoreTemp TjMax Reading is lower than what is in manufacturer's website. The culprit for random BSOD?

Jan 5, 2023
PC Specs
Mobo : Asus prime a320m-k
CPU : Amd Ryzen 5 2600
Graphics Card : Nvidia GeGorce GT 730 2gb
Ram : Hyper X Fury 8gb 2666Mhz DDR4
PSU : Corsair CV450
OS : Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

I am experiencing random BSOD whenever my temp rises 50+ degrees.
When installing some program, I also experienced random BSOD because it gets my processor busy and make the temp rise higher.
I use CoreTemp to monitor cpu temperature and I noticed that the TjMax of CPU is at 64 degrees only, I checked the AMD website for the TjMax of the CPU and it says that it should be in 95 degrees. I am wondering if this is the culprit of my problem. What are the factors why I am having different TjMax?
Is there anything I can do to make it same as in website?

Things I have done:
Clean the components including the CPU Fan.
Reapply new thermal paste.
Update windows and drivers.
Adjust power option settings.
Repair windows for possible corrupted files.

These are the screenshots I have taken:

CoreTemp Reading

CPU Specs from AMD Website
Jan 5, 2023
It could be a bug in CoreTemp.
Try another software such as Ryzen Master or HWiNFO64.
If they all report the same error, then it could be the motherboard.
I have downloaded and installed HWiNFO64 and the TjMax is exactly same as what the AMD Website is telling.
Here is the screenshot:
What could be the reason why I am experiencing random BSOD if it is not about the TjMax Readings?