Question Correct RAM strategy to breath life back into an old Intel i7-920 system

Mar 2, 2020
Hi all.

Haven't built a system for a good 10 years now and it appears the game has run away from me. I'm more about building software these days and less about hardware.

My desktop is still a i7-920. It's 11 years old and still going fairly strong, but she's a little low on RAM these days.
I want to buy some 2nd hand RAM to rejuvenate the old girl. She needs to last another year or so and then I will be dropping some money on a new system.

Now - I am having a nightmare finding the correct RAM. Like I said, the game has run away with me.

So - I want to put say around 12gb of RAM into the system, which is current 3 x 2gb sticks.
Figured that would be easy, but the stick that came today will not boot this machine.

After looking at CPU-Z - the motherboard is a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R and the current memory config is 3 x 2gb sticks of Corsair Dominator CM3X2G1600C9D6.

1. What memory can I install to get to 10-12gb of RAM?

2. Can I put a 8gb in on its own with 2 x 2gb sticks? Or do they have to be pairs? I can't remember how it works with DRAM!

3. What's the deal with CAS latency. I think these sticks are 7-7-7-9 or might be 7-7-7-24. I'm not an expert these days though.

Thanks ever so much.



2. You should have matched pairs.

3. Your original RAM by default should be CAS 9-9-9-24 (The C9 is the CAS) but you could probably get them to lower, I had some DDR2 that I overclocked and got to lower CAS latency.

The memory I listed would be your best bet. Matched up three sticks of 4GB DDR3 at the same speed and CAS as your existing memory. Plus its cheap.

Or go for double that

But much more cost wise.