Question Corsair CC600TWM


Mar 27, 2020
Heyhey guys. I have a Corsair 600T tower, and today i realised, the led of the power button blinks. Not maniacally. Rather like when you send windows to sleep mode. It blinks up for some second, then completly dark for some. Also the restart button have a led, but it's completly dark which also reminds me of the sleep mode state. I'm almost 1000% sure, both were fine some days ago.
The machine seems fully operational, so i'm not sure what caused this.
i have an Asus Prime Z690-P. Yesterday i updated the motherboard through Armoury crate, so maybe the update caused it? Also yesterday i bought a new monitor. Before that i used HDMI to connect my old one, now it's connected via DP Cable, but i don't think it have anything to do with this.

Any ideas? The case is not a product of today. The Fan controller on the top gave up years ago, but i use the fans inside onboard anyway.


Since your 600T is rather old, it very well may be, that the LEDs in front I/O have produced a fault. Just like your fan controller has bit the dust.

Based on Corsair cases i have (760T V2 Black and 750D Airflow Edition), the LEDs are:
Power button LED: constantly ON = system is ON, blinking slowly = system is in sleep.
Reset button LED: blinking (rapidly) = OS drive read, constantly OFF = no reads on OS drive.

Here, contact Corsair and ask if they can send/sell you new front I/O panel. Perhaps they still have some old stock.
When my 750D AE arrived, it's power button was DOA, so i contacted Corsair and got new front panel I/O, which i then replaced.