Question Corsair fan/RGB questions


Feb 10, 2010
So I'm totally new to RGB. I've been in building since my first 386 20mhz so I'm not a moron. I got an 8000 series i7, a mobo and 32G RAM for $150 and decided to do a full upgrade on my Antec 300 and i5-2500k. The old bought system had some RGB gear so I'll reuse if I need.
New components now:
Corsair 5000D airflow
x3 QL120 fans with RGB hub (intake)
Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT
Preexisting LL120 fans x3 (2 on the radiator and one in back, exhaust fans
Commander Pro controller
2 unknown Corsair components, which is the basis of the post.
NOT installing the 3 side fans atm.

  1. First, can someone ID the 2 components in the pics? I know the smaller is an RGB controller and I thought the other was a fan controller. Just want to verify.
  2. I thought the RGB controller included with the QLs had to plug into the Commander RGB 1 port, but it doesn't have the side plug for the 3 pin.
  3. Should I pull the PWM that came with the case and use the Commander instead?
  4. Since I have 6 fans on the Commander, what should I do for the RAD fan and RGB? Just mobo headers?
I know these all sound completely n00b and I might be approaching it incorrectly, but I want it perfect and that's why it took so long to upgrade my 2500k, cause I loved my Antec case and wasn't really taxxing the i5; and haven't been impressed since until the 5000 series came out. Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to try and tackle this long ass thread 😂

(Sorry, only place I could think to post the pics was FB, I haven't been 'in the game' of building for quite some time)

Corsair Components Pics