Question Corsair H115i Dead? Will I be able to RMA This?


Sep 11, 2015
So today My PC suddenly shut off and when I tried to boot it I got a Boot error with High CPU Temp Error. When I went into BIOS to check it out My CPU temps were at 90C and going up. So I shutdown My PC and removed my AIO and this is what I saw

if image doesnt work - View:

I have been using this AIO since 05-11-2018 You guys think I will be able to RAM this? on the website they say it's 5 years Warranty. when I shake my Radiator I hear water is moving so in this case I can say I lost alot of wanter from the pump. Never saw a leak...
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Yes contact Corsair support
Those pics will help.

Things you will need to Rma
Copy of receipt
Original box if you still have it ( if not no big issue )
All parts fans, screws, brackets.

The mailing lable printed out that they will supply by email for the box and the Rma # print out in the box will all parts.

This is what they told me about 2 months ago now.
It was about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks for the return from me dropping it off at a ups store and getting it back.