Question Corsair H60 not cooling CPU

Mar 23, 2022
Hello. I have a PC I built about a year ago that's mostly all new parts with a reused GPU and CPU cooler, the Corsair H60. For reference
  • CPU: i5-10600k
  • Mobo: MSI - MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS (Socket LGA1200) USB-C Gen2 Intel Motherboard
  • PSU: 750W Gold
A couple of months ago at most, about a year after I assembled the PC, I had an overheating problem. It took me a couple of weeks to catch it, after I restarted and got a CPU overheating warning in BIOS. I cleaned and replaced the thermal paste, and that fixed the problem. Fast forward to a few days ago, and I experience the same problem. I separate the cooler from the CPU and notice the thermal paste is nicely caked between the two pieces. I replace it anyways, and things are ok for about a day. The problem comes back. This time, I open up HWMonitor. I used to always see 4 fans: CPU (@ mid-3k RPM), pump (@ mid-1900 RPM), Sys4 and Sys6 at about 700 RPM. Now CPU fan is not showing. I went ahead anyways to replace the thermal paste, but that did not fix the issue at all. I then opened up the case, felt both hoses that go from the pump to the radiator and back, and both hoses were cool; meanwhile the heat block/heatsink on top of the CPU was hot hot. My guess is fluid isn't being cycled through the system (if there is any? I assume there is as the hoses are difficult to compress). I switched the connector directly from the heatsink/heat block, ordinarily attached to CPU_FAN1, over to another slot (SYS_FAN1). When I rebooted into BIOS, it actually showed up finally. For 3 whole minutes. It was only at about 600 RPM before it disappeared again. It just said it was at 0 RPM. Before I tried switching that cable to a different connector, I used the "Board Explorer" feature on my BIOS and saw it did not detect a connection at CPU_FAN1. After I moved it and it stopped working, Board explorer did not show a connection to SYS_FAN1. I cleaned up the paste and reapplied again, moved the cable back to CPU_FAN1, and still nothing.

I have filed a RMA at Corsair although the unit is almost 4 years old and was purchased at Best Buy, so I don't know whether this can be RMAd. In the meantime, anybody have experience with a similar problem and have a solution? Appreciate all help.


Sep 16, 2011
Had the exact same thing happen to my 2012 version of H60. In my case, I had the pump mounted at the top of the loop (above the radiator) which is not ideal, but that was the only way to fit it in my case. The problem turned out to be after 7-years, the coolant level had finally evaporated to a point where it no longer reached the pump and therefore could no longer be circulated. Being long out of warranty, I removed the heat plate off the pump and topped off the coolant with a mixture of antifreeze and distilled water using one of those inkjet refill syringes. It's been great ever since (2-years so far).

Hopefully, they will replace yours, but if not, it's technically fixable.