Corsair K70 Repeating Keys or Unresponsive.

Nov 15, 2015
My Corsair K70 suddenly started acting up while I was playing a game, and began to suddenly repeat the lower row ZXCVB, etc. in different orders and then proceeded to backspace them. Upon plugging the keyboard back into another USB it becomes completely unresponsive. Also, the Windows Lock key at the top flashes slowly when unresponsive, or VERY rapidly when it's the original USB port that causes it to "spam" keys. There is no spill on the keyboard or any evident damage that I can find. I thought maybe I could replace the driver but it seems that there isn't any. Am I just out of a keyboard or is there a fix for this? If not, I can't say I will ever recommend this keyboard to anybody else; I've only had it for 6 months.

Well, after returning from the coast while gone a few days, the keyboard magically seems to be working now when I plugged it in despite all of my previous efforts in vain. Have no idea what changed; technology really has a mind of it's own sometimes.


Jun 25, 2016

What ended up happening with your issue?

I ask because i'm having the exact same problem. Unresponsive keyboard, still lights up in its stobe effect though
Feb 2, 2019
Anyone ever find a resolution to this? I've removed multiple keycaps, wiggled them around a bit, just for good measure, ensured there was no dust or debris of any kind in there... haven't ever spilled any liquids onto my keyboard. It's just started acting up in recent weeks and it's beginning to drive a man mad. I just want to type to the fine folks on teh interwebs and I get stuck with random extra spaces after a word, or double letters repeating without reason or without warning.

JUST this evening, using the latest version of iCUE (what a wonderful piece of garbage software, yet again from Corsair -- i typically find their hardware to be alright, for a while I even thought it was pretty decent, but the software has always been nothing shy of horrendous). Anyway, in the past couple months i've had both my Corsair STRAFE mechanical keyboard, with Cherry MX Brown switches begin acting up on me and my VOID Pro Wireless headset (both items were purchased via sales on NewEgg) have decided they wanted to begin sh*tting the bed. How unfortunate.

I haven't bothered posting to their forums, as it's pretty much a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but I guess that's the next step before trying to begin the RMA process. I will say, Corsair replaced my bad RAM kit with no questions asked once I sent them the reports i ran via memtest86 and the brand new replacements have been working well... so far. Time will tell, i guess. I thought I was getting a "deal" on these items, but knowing very little about hardware (and headsets) in general, I probably should have tried to do a little more homework. It's really hard to get a feel (no pun intended) for what the various switches are liek until you've had a chance to hammer away on em for a bit. That being said, i re-forced a firmware update for my keyboard and lowered the "Polling rate" down from 1000Hz / 1 msec to 250Hz / 4 msec hoping maybe that'd help things out a bit. No dice. Still getting the exact same behavior. Just exported my system info and logs and will begin trying to track as much information as possible while I attempt to build a case for my RMA process. Not that I want to go weeks, or a month, or more without my keyboard, it'll make it kind of difficult to use my desktop PC, but what other choice do I have at this point. If i had a touch more case of rage-disorder, I would have probably already smashed my speakers on the wall due to this intense frustration. Why is it so difficult to press a button and get a single action? Obviously, I know nothing. I'm not an engineer, nor a mechanical keyboard expert. Wish I still had one of those IBM Model M or whatever those workhorses were that we used when we were growing up. I could have dunked that in the swimming pool and those babies would still survive just fine -- and be a pleasure to use, taboot.

Okay, this is getting painful, with all the corrections I'm having to make so I don't sound liek a pleb with my shoddy typing skills. I'm not trying to suggest I'm a 120WPM touch typist or anything, but I get around fine for the most part. Looks liek I'm headed back to one of those freebie keyboards that come with every Dell and HP system you've ever purchased. I think i could build a small home with the stack of free keyboards I have lying around, but I was hoping my initial foray into the mechanical world would be a bit more pleasurable. It was a true delight at first. MASSIVE upgrade from those cheapo pieces of junk, but at least they work when you press the keys and can even survive a spill with some quick cleanup.

Would be wonderful if someone had a remedy or solution, or at least a suggestion for this 2+ year old problem. Obviously I'm not alone.

Got a recommendation for one of these bad boys recently from someone who actually knows a thing or two about "keebs" as the hipster kids call em -->

Will seriously have to consider working that into the budget depending upon Corsair's response. Wish me luck. I'll most certainly need it.