Question Could my i5-4690K handle a GTX 1080 for gaming at 1080p on big TV at 60hz

Feb 27, 2019
Hello People !

I currently have a i5-4690K running a GTX 970 without any problems with Medium setting for modern RPG open world games. It's connected to a big TV only running at 1080p with 60hz

My friend is offering me his GTX 1080 to replace/upgrade the 970 and be able to use high setting still with 1080p and 60fps capped.

Question: Will the i5-4690K handle a GTX 1080 for Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy 15 in high settings (not ultra) without bottle-necking running at 1080p with 60hz ? In case not would overclocking the stock 3.5 GHZ help or is it a matter of not enough Threads ? I saw plenty posts about this but the answer depended a lot on which games and settings. That is why I am being more specific.

A bonus question is if my other gaming computer with a FX-8350 could handle the GTX 970 i'm getting out from primary computer. This second computer is on a ultra wide screen for real time strategy games, not too demanding like the above ones. Still 1080p and 60 Hz.

Just making sure I won't be under using the GTX 1080 too much while I can save money for a whole MB and CPU upgrade. Also not bottle necking while playing of course ! same with the FX-8350 and GTX 970

Thank you everyone !


I mean, locking yourself to 60FPS would be "bottlenecking" the card more than anything else.

While a 4690K is showing it's age, especially at 1080p, paired with a 1080 for 60FPS 'high' gameplay you should be fine. An overclock certainly won't hurt though!

A 970 is probably a little stronger than I'd suggest pairing with an 8350 - but you have them both on hand, so it's certainly not going to hurt.