Counter Strike source crash on start-up with no error message?


Jan 6, 2013
Hello, every time i try to launch Counter Strike: Source, the game just simply crashes on start up. The game reaches the title screen and closes with no error message of any sort, however when the game does close the 'busy' circle on Windows 7 appears next to my cursor for a few seconds. I'm not sure why exactly the game is crashing but on some days it will work fine and others it won't, however it hasn't been working for about a week now. I've tried verifying, re installing, disabling antivirus, deleting local content, restoring PC to an earlier date and nothing. I don't think it's my PC at fault either because usually i run the game fine around 100fps. This problem doesn't seem to be very popular either since i only found a few threads on line which none of them was very helpful to solve my strange problem. On some occasions it will reach the title screen and say 'Counter strike: source' has stopped working but that's on very rare occurrences. Any advice on how to fix this extremely annoying problem would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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