CPU and Graphics card trouble


Jan 4, 2013
okay so here is the deal, I have just put together my first new home build pc. It seems that everything works just not really. My cpu fan works but not when plugged into the CPU fan slot on my motherboard and my graphics card keeps restarting when I go to boot up my pc. I have had a friend help me a little bit but he cant always be here so I'm looking to learn. Please Help.


Jan 1, 2013
About the CPU fan, are you sure which fan connector is which? Either way, it should not matter if you have the correct fans plugged into the correct slots because all fans are on by default on start up. The only thing to watch out for is CPU temperature (if you decide to have the CPU fan in another port on the motherboard), this is because each fan connector on the motherboard sets the speed of the fan plugged into based on the temperature of different components. What may happen is that the CPU overheats, yet the CPU fan's speed is not increased because it is not connected to the "CPU Fan" slot on the motherboard. Most of this is rather trivial if you are not overclocking or anything like that, just keep an eye on the CPU temperature.

About the graphics card, I am not sure what you mean by "restarting" when you boot up the computer. Double checking that it is installed correctly (i.e. PCIe slot and power connector if there is one).

Good Luck