[SOLVED] CPU - best new step for an upgrade 1080p gaming


Oct 6, 2014

I didn't keep track of hardware much lately. I'm confused now. All thanks to Intel vs AMD irony. (Intel offering more cores, AMD more IPC per core...)

I'm interested in 1080p 144hz gaming, but primarily Warzone. I should invest a bit to be competitive since I play tournaments.

Anyways, my GPU (1080ti) should handle most (or rather all) of the titles in 1080p titles handily, and It's good enough for the time being. But, man - the CPU is Ryzen 1600 non-X. Working @ 3.7ghz with stock Wraith cooler stable.

I'm lucky we have 5600X in stock here in Croatia. Now, I'm torn between 5600X and 10700KF.
Literally same price here. Which one is better value?

I am aware I need new mobo for either. Current one is X370 Taichi, will sell it together with R5 1600. Other relevant specs I have:
  • PSU - Corsair RMx 650W, will be adequate,
  • RAM is Hynix A-Die 3000 MHz (Corsair), and this I should perhaps "upgrade" to Crucial Ballistix Micron E-Die if I go Ryzen 5600x as a cheap option. Or maybe all out on some Gskill RGB thingies :)
Your thoughts? Should I wait for 5600 - non X perhaps? I'm a bit too inpatient tho

Team blue or red in my case?

I do light content creation, but both should cover me, nothing heavy. I don't stream. Long time ago I was a 3D artist, using 3ds Max heavily, but my god I'm happy I changed career lol
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