CPU clock dropping half a second

Nov 27, 2018
Hey, after many days of research, I didn't found anything about my problem.

Basically, the problem happens when I play Overwatch, which is on my SSD.
The CPU usage start dropping to 1/4 of the clock for half a second.
While dropping, the GPU usage also drops a little bit too, which I guess is normal, and the game goes under 30 fps with stuttering sound.
I've tried Star Wars battlefront on my HDD, and it seems like it was working pretty fine.
The problem happens at random time, with an average delay of 5mn I'd say.

It never happened before, I change the thermal paste recently, I now have 70/75° while just playing, and 90+° while playing + cam on discord + opera opens. Temp just while playing before was overall 80/85°

So if any guys on this forum would help me, I'd be very thankful c:
(Being french might have let some mistakes leaks ahah)

Edit : applied new thermal paste again, temps are the same as before, up to 85 overall, 70 max on GPU while playing. Never go over 90°, so I don't think it's thermal throttling. Also cleaned the fans and rads.

Screens here (two firsts are before the new thermal paste, two lasts, after)