[SOLVED] CPU EZ Debug red light. Sudden No Monitor output

Dec 6, 2018
My build is
Ryzen 5 2600
MSI x470
Zotac 1070 ti
2x8 GB GSkill ram
I build this couple month ago and it has been working smooth.
This recently it randomly lost monitor signals and keyboard/mouse connection in a sudden.
The fans were still going.
I couldn't do a forced shutdown too, so I had to turn off the PSU.
Then I restarted it , and worked just fine for two days.
It happened again tonight and I'm not able to start it after unplug the power; the fans are all running and keyboards are lighting up, but no monitor signal.
Then I noticed the CPU ezdebug red light was on.
Welp ! ;.;
Update :
I waited for half hour, and it booted fine again, but what's going on? How would I prevent such shutdown, it's now happening almost once everyday.
I updated my BIOS


reset the BIOS by jumper (have a look at clrCMOS in the manual of the motherboard)

check the RAM with memtest.org USB autoinstaller, boot from this created boot stick

How hot is the CPU getting? Use AMD Ryzen Master to have a look.

Remove the RAM and plug it in again two or three times. Maybe a contact problem. Losen the CPU and fixate it again could help too.

unplug and replug the 8 pin eps connector for the cpu power, maybe a contact moved back?

Which MSI x470 motherboard is it? Which BIOS version is currently on it?