Question CPU fan is making constant buzzing sound :(

Aug 17, 2021
Hey guys,

I have the Antec neptune 240 AIO cpu water cooler.
I have uploaded a video which shows the buzzing sound I have with it :'(
My CPU was overheating, so I don't think the pump is working.. it got to 85C.
I reconnected it, now I have around 50C~ on rest and I will keep it under monitor, but the sound is still very loud. what can I do?



Win 10 Master
I don't hear a buzzing noise, even with noise cancelling headphones (as my fans make it difficult to hear quiet noises)

Maybe try to isloate the noise as all I could hear was fans, not a buzz so much. No point showing pump head if its fans

what CPU do you have? Were you under load at time it hit 86c?

Could try cleaning the fans, it could be a bit of dust. The 120mm fans on my AIO make odd noises after I change their speeds and let them slow down again.
Any way to tell what liquid temps were? I think the range of temps my Corsiar has is 29c in winter to 33c in summer (liquid temps). I can get lower liquid temps if its below 1c outside, and I run a different cooling plan, but I normally don't care.