Question CPU goes into overdrive handling relatively simple websites

May 20, 2022
System: HP Omen 870-290
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20 Ghz, 4 Core
Windows 10 Pro
48 Gig Ram (Max)
55 Gig Virtual Memory
7GB Page File
GEFORCE GTX 1080 Video Card

Idle specs per Core Temp (though with a lot of tabs open): All cores 50-70C. When this issue occurs, cores will push 95C+

Idle specs per SpeedFan: 50% CPU usage, GPU 47C, HD0 43C, HD1 34C, Cores all in 40-50C range. Temp3 sensor seems to be spiking to 70C while idle, not sure what that is. Speedfan did give me this warning, but I'm assuming just telling me it's not compatible: "ProbeSCSI: WARNING: hard disk skipped because of invalid returned LogSense data"

ISSUE: Naturally I can't duplicate the problem right now (meaning that there's a variable on when it happens), but typically when I go to a large ticket "seat map" page via chrome, the system will completely bog down and the CPU will spike.

is an example of such a site. This issue only exists on LARGE seat map sites -- your run of the mill basketball arena gives it no issues, but baseball and football stadiums completely bog it down. Seems to be working fine now, but often if I tried to load that site and click on a section it would be like molasses, CPU would spike and often times system would shutdown due to overheat prevention.

Another example: -- if I load that on just two chrome tabs, CPU goes to 100% and the fans are working triple-time. Typically after 10 seconds or so it will rev back down and be usable, but it will be like molasses for 10 seconds or so.

Task manager shows chrome as the CPU culprit, but this happens in other browsers too.


*Desktop case is open and I've confirmed all 3 fans (case, CPU and video card) are functioning. Not high RPM that I can tell, but spinning. I've also left the case off the PC to give it more airflow, but that hasn't prevented the issue.
*I've cleaned all the dust off the fan blades and inside the case.
*I currently have 3 monitors plugged into the NVIDI (two HDMI, one DVI) - but I've gone down to a single monitor and the issue still exists.
*I've run all standard BIOS health checks and no issues are reported.
*Only chrome extensions running is LastPass. But this happens on other browsers as well with no extensions.

My caveman thought was that it has something to do with it trying to load the big seat map into memory and there being some kind of bottleneck there, but all of the drivers are up to date. I've considered thermal paste on CPU as possibly an issue, but would rather try out all other options before disassembling (because something always goes wrong when I do).

Willing to take this thing step-by-step if I can diagnose the problem.



Make, model, wattage, age, condition (original to build, new, refurbished, used)?

You mentioned Task Manager. Also use Resource Monitor to observe system performance.

First, for example, watch without Chrome running at all. Launch Chrome and just let it sit until the system is stable. Then open tabs as you normally do allowing some time to watch between opening each additional tab or making other changes.

Objective is to discover what happens just before the CPU goes into overdrive.

What resource(s) are being used, to what extent (%), and what is using any given resource.
May 20, 2022
PSU: Internal 500 W (100V-240V)
Total wattage: 500 W external power adapter (100V-240V)

Idle with Chrome open:

6%-10% CPU
48% Used Physical memory
20% used Physical memory

When I load

initially, the CPU doesn't have any significant spike. It's only when I try and zoom in on the seat select (and all the different options populate). Ditto with the ticketmaster sites -- it's only when it tries to load all the individual dots that things start completely bogging down.

Resource wise memory seems fine. CPU and network are the only things that spike when I zoom in.

This occurs in different browers, so not Chrome specific.