Question CPU/GPU behavior during gaming

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Aug 5, 2022
Hi guys. I'm new here. I already opened up this thread, but it got deleted right away and I don't know what happened.

Basically, I have 2 questions about CPU and GPU behavior while playing GTA V that I noticed while using MSI Afterburner. I'm not a PC expert so I'd really appreciate if you could help me. I did my research as much as I could but some things I just couldn't find an answer to.

My PC specs:

AMD RX 470
Windows 10

GPU question: Is it normal that the GPU usage is fluctuating incredibly every single second of gameplay? It went from 100% to 2%, then 99% to 0%, then 75% etc... You get the idea. The temperatures were steady and stable between 152 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the gaming session which I know is well in the safe range. The game was running at a stable 60 FPS for the most part with only occasional frame drops to 53-55 for like half a second every few minutes, barely noticeable. No stuttering, screen tearing or anything. What I have to mention is that GTA V runs more smoothly on higher settings than lower settings. I don't know why. When I lower the settings, the fluctuation still occurs just the same, but I get higher CPU usage and frame drops happen more often. Will this GPU fluctuation cause my GPU to fail? Is it bad for the GPU in general? Is the GPU faulty? Will it wear out quicker because of it?

CPU question: My CPU has been running at between 90-95% utilization throughout the gaming session. It's well above what it should be as I've read that it should be between 70-80% max. The temperatures of each individual core were always steady and stable at between 118 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit which I know is well in the safe range. Is the CPU faulty? Will the high utilization cause it to wear out quickly and fail? Should I be worried?
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