CPU Graphics design build


Dec 5, 2011
Hrmm. where to start. So I have a computer that I'm interested in building mostly out of necessity for school. There are some personal interests involved behind this also but the focus is mostly on 2D and 3D rendering.

I have a good card for that, at least I think I do anyway, more so on the CAD/CAM side of things but from what I have stumbled across so far also suffices for 2D renders.

Software I would be using would be things like Photoshop, The Gimp; mostly anything that has do deal with any two-dimensional rendering -- Drawings, Photos Ect.

The 3D aspect would be programs like 3DStudioMAX, Maya, Dreamweaver, Blender so on so forth and other things like Solidworks for the CAD/CAM. Pretty open on the direction i'm going but the focus IS 2D renders--to a later heavy branch off into 3D renders.

Right Now I have:

*ATI Firepro V8700

...I got it for a steal so that leaves a bit more room on my budget thank god.

Things I've been looking at so far have been--

*Intel i7-950 LGA 1366 Quad-Core
*Asus P6X58-E Pro
*G.skill 4GBx6 DDR3

It's really been a tossup between boards, I've been drooling over the SabertoothX58 but I keep reading more and more bad reviews about it so I came across this workstation card.

I think it's the better bet for me personally; still some bad Reviews but not nearly as bad as the Sabertooth ones.

Power supply is the next toss-up. I was actually thinking about the Platimax 750V or 850V

Still before I get to far ahead of myself, I thought I would just step back and ask before I overload myself with choices. I got the major thing out of the way and that's the card.

The Processor I’m set on is the either the i5 or i7...more i7. So yeah any suggestions or foreseeable errors at this point?

Oh the Budget is $2000, total--at the moment if I go with the three things I have right now; would bring the total up to $1100

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