Question Cpu keeps overheating

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If that cooler was manufactured before the release of AM4, and it might have been a pre-AM4 production model even though they are still manufacturing it and including the correct hardware for it now, then it may not have the proper hardware. If it's labeled AM4 though, then it should be right. It is however possible that not all of the correct hardware made it into the box OR that somebody returned it without putting it all back in and they shipped it to you without checking.

I'd get the correct mounting hardware from Arctic. Tell them you bought it and it didn't come with it.

Another option, or possibility, is that some motherboards are significantly thinner that others, and even with the correct hardware there may be slop. It is sometimes necessary to get some additional fiber or plastic washers and take up the slack by putting them between the backplate and the motherboard, so that the fasteners pass through them, in order to move the fastener further away from the standoff so that it cannot bottom out before it gets tight.

Similar to what you see here, although you probably don't need washers quite THAT thick. Figure out how much slop there is and go just barely thicker than that, just enough so that the screws or standoffs can't bottom out before the assembly can fully snug down.



His Arctic 34 eSports Duo is a new model and was just released this year (in January or February I believe).
I bought my Arctic 33 eSports cooler in November 2018 and they didn't offer his newer model yet.
Mine uses slightly different hardware than his but it definitely is AM4 compatible.

But like Darkbreeze said it could be a difference in the MB's backplate that is causing it to be loose.


Different motherboards have different thicknesses of the PCB as well. Cheaper boards, budget series, are typically thinner. Higher quality boards are thicker. If they go off an average then you could, and we've seen this time and time again in the past, mostly with air coolers but occasionally also with water coolers, end up with a board that is just thin enough for the fasteners to bottom out before everything gets tight between the backplate and standoffs, so that the motherboard is not firmly sandwiched in between. That means when you tighten down the cooler to the standoffs, the mount is going to be loose against the CPU because the hardware it is being attached to is already itself loose.

Putting fiber or hard plastic washers (Small enough around to not reach out and touch anything they shouldn't) between the backplate and motherboard moves the backplate further away from the standoffs, so the fasteners have a chance to actually cinch things down before they bottom out which of course won't allow it to get tight.

Or, you can also take the fasteners you have to a hardware store or fastener specialty shop like Fastenal, and get replacement fasteners that are the same diameter and pitch, but just slightly shorter. If the standoffs themselves are the problem though, this isn't going to work. You MUST have the correct standoffs or else washers or fasteners won't make a difference.
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