Question Cpu Overvoltage Error in Asus Amd Bios


Jun 22, 2018
Hi, I'm looking for some helpful advice for my friends Amd bios that throws a Cpu Overvoltage Error before even getting into the bios. I tried most the simple things like clearing the Cmos and switching the battery out for a new one. I've tried numerous Psu's already so I eliminated two things. I took the Cpu (3400g)out and slotted it into my x570 and it worked fine. When it's installed in his it's immediately getting that error, I went into the bios and reset it to optimized defaults, my thinking was that some settings could have been changed when they were using it but the reset should eliminate those issues. That Cpu is seated in the socket well,same with the Ram. We flashed the bios to the latest version for that board. The default voltages were set and yet we keep getting the Cpu Overvoltage Error. I played with trying to do an offset on the voltage to bring the default voltage down further but that triggered a bios reset so that didn't work. Our thinking after doing these things is to get another cheap Mb and go with that since we know the Cpu is fine and everything else. Still bothers me though. I feel like we are missing something else that could cause the issue but can't put a finger on it. Any tips from someone that might be a bit more capable than I would be appreciated.