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Question CPU Spiking; System fault?

Jun 21, 2020
Howdy, folks,

I have assembled a new system.
However, I do get CPU temp spikes from time to time.
in idle mode (no programs are running in the background; freshly set up windows with the most necessary programs), it jumps to ~70°C from time to time.
Default is at ~40°C (HWMonitor in Bios it's around 30°C).

system specification:

View: https://imgur.com/a/aaCdBHH

Instead of the default thermal paste from the AIO, i used https://www.thermal-grizzly.com/produkte/2-kryonaut
The amount should be okai, not to much, not to less etc. not the first build i created; but stuck at this right now... :/

Greetings Sir_JaWa

EDIT: I just let CPU-Z CPU-Stress-test run for 10 min. Temp maxed ~68°C
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Did you assemble the parts list on your own, or did someone else do it for you, because it is a MESS - can't tell if it's budget, mid, or high end build, because the selection is a mix of all.

Just a rant - ignore it.
-A 150USD AIO on a 3300X
-The 3300X in an X570
-Just 3000mhz memory
-Samsung SSD in a build that has no real identity
-RX 5500XT with a 650w Platinum rated psu
-The Define 7

1)Did you spread the thermal paste over the cpu IHS? The 'little in the middle, and the mounting pressure does the rest', does not work with the Thermal Grizzly - that's why the applicator is built into the tube.

2)Where is the radiator mounted in the chassis?

3)Check if you have the fans pushing air through the radiator or pulling air through it instead.
Jun 21, 2020
Hey Phaaze88,

thank you for your fast response.
I got the parts quiet cheap (unused + new), so yeah. :D
Kinda shuffled but it's fine sofar :)

1. The thermal paste was spread evently via the "Grizzly Bundle Spreader"-thingy.
2./3. The Radiator is mounted on top and the fans (3x120) are pushing through the rad.
Intake are 3x140+2x120 on around 600-800 rpm, should be plenty ^^..
Outtake the rad + 1x120.