CPU Stress Testing new CPU fan

May 6, 2018
So I just installed a new fan (hyper 212 evo) on my 4790k. It was my first time installing a fan and I think I did a pretty bad job considering I kept knocking the heat sink as I was trying to tighten the screws. But I started up my pc anyways and temps looked fine on idle (sub 45). At one point I'm just relaxing (talking on teamspeak, creating an online backup of one of my drives as I feel like it's gonna break down any second, and loading A LOT of minecraft mods). So after a while I checked on HWMonitor and I see that my max temp has hit 100 celsius at one point. This was alarming to me and I went to stress test my cpu with LinX. In a few seconds it hit 100 celsius easy and needless to say I wasn't risking to see how far I could put it and stopped it. Is this normal for it to hit 100 c during a stress test like this? I might have to reapply the thermal paste since I kept knocking into the heatsink. Thoughts?