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Oct 5, 2013
Hi. So a month back I upgraded my CPU to a 5600x, budget is tight so didn't really have enough to buy a proper cooler to go with it at the time, I've just been using the stock cooler which came with it.

Stupidly I have never really checked the temps, everything has been working fine so never bothered. The stock cooler has been pretty noisy but just put that down to the way this particular cooler sounded.

Anyway, last night when I shut my PC down after a session on Warzone, an error popped up after it had shut down saying something along the lines of "Warning - CPU overheating". Can't remember the exact words as it only briefly stayed on the screen.

That prompted me to check the temps next time I was on, so today I have downloaded Core Temp and loaded up Warzone, in game it reached as high as 87 degrees, guessing it would have gone higher if I'd have stayed on longer but only had time to briefly test it.

While just using Chrome etc it's at about 50 degrees.

I turned off the boost feature in the bios to see if that changed anything and it hasn't.

Are these temps way to high? I'm a bit scared to play anything now after that message as I don't want to damage my CPU.

The plan was always to get a proper air cooler once I had some spare money, this stock was just a stop gap until then.

Bit clueless when it comes to these types of things, any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
Are these temps way too high?
not dangerously high. but much higher than i would want or allow.
your average modern CPU will downclock itself or just shutdown if reaching dangerously high temperatures.

two very nice air cooling options are the be quiet! Dark Rock series & the Noctua NH-D15 series.
any of those will keep even an overclocked gaming system very cool and relatively quiet with good fan curves in place.

just make sure you also have adequate cool air intake and exhaust.
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