Question Cpu temperature are all over the place

Nov 1, 2019
I have a custom pc with a AMD Ryzen 2700x (4.3ghz turbo) 8 cores. on a gygabyte B450M DS3H, I have install the wraith prism cooler.

Since about a week ago the temperature has being going up and down a lot, i mean from 55 to 45. an up again. Some times it has even reach 65 to 70 degrees. The programs i have use all seem to indicate spikes and drops in the temperature. An thats with nothing running just idle.

I have use various temp reading programs , such as: msi afterburner, temp core and the amd ryzen master and they all have the same results.


Sep 25, 2019
You may need to check the voltages in the bios. Anything above 1.35 is too high which will cause high temps like that. The other possibility is that the cpu isn't making complete contact with the heatsink. or even worse that the IHS (integrated heat spreader) on the CPU isn't flat. Thus the heatsink is only making partial contact with the CPU.
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Although you may consider being at desktop an idle condition, that is not always the case, as WIndows could be busy doing cloud storage sync, file indexing, or pulling in some Windows updates, etc...; during those times, clock speeds will often jump from 800-1000 MHz to as high as max boost many times per second. (This is more likely in the 10-20 minutes after a system is first turned on, but, can take longer if downloading a new major WIndows version (i.e., v 1903) over a slow connection, etc..)

Your temps will vary with those clock speeds, applied core voltage, and load, so, seeing it jump from 40C to 65C is not unusual.
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