CPU Temperature varies each time I boot on my system!?

Feb 8, 2019
Hello everyone
So, lately I´ve noticed, that my CPU temperatures go up rapidly for no reason.
I have a i7 8700k at 3.7GHz. When idle, my CPU is normally about 24-30 degrees. While gaming, its about 40-45 degrees, but once while I was gaming, I noticed, that my PC got EXTREMELY loud, and within seconds, a warning popped up, my CPU was at 80 degrees!? As the CPUs temperature was still rising, I quickly turned off my PC. When Turning the PC back on after a few minutes, it seemed like everything was okay. The next day the same problem happened, I turned off my PC and plugged the cooler cable to another socket. For the last two days everything seeps to be okay, except when I turn on my PC, the CPU is about 40C-60C, to fix this problem, I have to shut down my PC and turn it back on. Does anyone know whats wrong? Any help?

Thanks :)

PC Tailor

When was the last time you did a bit of spring cleaning?
Check your CPU temps in the bios. I am assuming you have checked that the fan on your cooling unit is working normally, if not, check your fan speeds too.

You may want to remove the cooling unit on your CPU and reapply some thermal paste, and look at how clean the rest of your case is too. Then see what results you get.

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