CPU temperature worries


Jun 26, 2015
Hello everyone. I've been reading the forums about safe CPU temps and I'm just a little worried. I've just bought a new MB and CPU (Gigabyte Gaming 3 H97M-D3H and Intel i7 4790). Running Windows 7 Pro. I don't have a graphics card yet.

On startup, in the Bios, it says the CPU is already 40-42 degrees celsius.

Right now, with two Chrome tabs open, Speccy and HWiNFO are reporting between 36 and 42 degrees... And it doesn't take much to get that up to 50-55 (general browsing, a youtube vid maybe, etc)

Then, I tested with playing Minecraft (with 90 mods) in single player, and it got up to 75 degrees as I was generating new terrain.

I applied thermal paste myself when installing. I needed to take the whole new setup to be tested because it wasn't booting (turns out Power Supply was faulty) but in the testing process the technician removed the CPU and put it back, without cleaning the old paste off and reapplying. (I thought it was best to reapply any time one removes the cooler?).

I'm using the Intel cooler that came with the CPU. (Also, not doing any over-clocking)

What do you all think? Worrying for nothing, or...? (My last CPU burnt out because of my own stupidity so trying to be extra careful with this one.)


You're fine. Those are normal and safe core temps for that Haswell and the stock cooler. And BIOS will always read higher due to special features not being active in BIOS. Features like Speedstep.
Max safe 24/7 core temp for that CPU is 77C: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-1800828/intel-temperature-guide.html

Also, when you get a discrete gxf card, the CPU will be running cooler due to the on-die iGPU remaining at idle. Right now, the CPU and iGPU (which are on the same die) are both generating heat.