Question CPU underperforming in games but no signs of overheating ?

Jun 18, 2022
Hi yall, i've been experiencing a weird issue the last couple of days and im in need of help

My specs are :

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce Mx110
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz
RAM: 8.00 GB 1333Mhz

So basically before this problem started occuring on my laptop, almost everything was working just fine, most games were running fine, no fps drops, no cpu underperforming. i've then decided to apply thermal paste to my cpu because it was overheating and sometimes affecting my pc's performance, after my cpu temp decreased a lot and i thought all my problems were solved until after a week ive noticed a huge cpu underperformance and a huge fps drop in every game i play that has never happened to me before, i've checked my cpu temp, nothing wrong with it (around 50-60), then ive checked my cpu's clock speed and i noticed that it drops to 400Mhz in everygame i play therefore a huge fps drop.

Sometimes while playing games my clock speed would stay at 400mhz, sometimes it would bounce back and forth between 400Mhz and 1600Mhz (it kinda depends on the game i play) i've then checked if there's any overload on my cpu through the task manager but it looks completely normal to me(around 30-60%) so as everything else, i've then decided to reset my pc completely, delete everything and reinstall windows hoping that would solve the problem and it did nothing.

And the weird part is these games were working just fine before and im 100% sure that my laptop should run them just fine as my laptop's specs meet the minimum requirements to run them and i've also noticed that my laptop works just fine while doing other activites like being on google or using photoshop and stuff.

This issue occured a week after i applied the thermal paste. I've looked up Google for Causes (Most of them say overheating even tho my cpu is not overheating at all),i've also searched for solutions, it said i could change some cpu settings through BIOS but i couldnt because apparently not all laptops can do that and change settings, i've literally tried everything, installed latest drivers updates, changed some basic settings, reset my pc but nothing worked out and im in desperate need of help as i have no idea what to do at this moment.
Thanks in advance!
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Hey there,

Change your Windows power plan to high, and see if that makes a difference.

Also check the underneath of your laptop. Does it look dirty, or grubby? If so, it may need a good clean, as airflow going in to your laptop helps cool the CPU and GPU.

It's possible the CPU is throttling, but given your temps are low, it may not be the issue.